King Aggabodhi I
575 - 608
King Aggabodhi II
608 - 618
King Sangha Tissa II
618 - 618
King Aggabodhi II

House of Moriya | Anuradhapura - (608 - 618)

Aggabodhi II was King of Anuradhapura in the 7th century, whose reign lasted from 608 to 618. He succeeded his uncle Aggabodhi I as King of Anuradhapura and was succeeded by his brother Sangha Tissa II.

Thuparamaya Temple

Thuparamaya is an ancient Buddhist temple in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Located in the sacred area of Mahamewna park, the Thuparamaya Stupa is the earliest Dagoba to be constructed in the island, dating back to the reign of King Devanampiya Tissa (247-207 BC). The temple has been formally recognised by the Government as an archaeological site in Sri...

Built : King Devanampiya Tissa,
Some Construction : King Lanja Tissa,
Some Construction : King Vasabha,
Some Construction : King Gotabhaya,
Some Construction : King Dhathusena,
Some Construction : King Aggabodhi II,
Some Construction : King Datopathissa,
Some Construction : King Datopathissa II,
Some Construction : King Kassapa II,
Some Construction : King Manavamma,
Some Construction : King Aggabodhi VI,
Some Construction : King Mahinda II,
Some Construction : King Dappula II,
Some Construction : King Sena I,

Medirigiriya Vatadage

Medirigiriya (Sinhalese: මැදිරිගිරිය) is a town located in Polonnaruwa District in North Central Province, Sri Lanka. The elevation of the town is 61 m (200 ft).  The famous archaeological site of Medirigiriya Vatadage is located about 1 km (0.62 mi) from the town...

Some Construction : King Kanitta Tissa,
Some Construction : King Aggabodhi II,
Some Construction : King Sena II,
Reconstruction : King Vijayabahu I,

Giritale Wewa

Giritale tank (Sinhalese: ගිරිතලේ වැව) is a reservoir in Giritale and Minneriya. It was built by King Agbo II (608-618). It is believed that the tank was renovated by King Parakramabahu, the Great (1153–1186).Later, it was subjected to renovation in 1905, 1942 and 1952 during colonial era.

Giritale Tank was considered as the deepest tank in Sri Lanka during the rule of medieval capital...

Built : King Aggabodhi II,

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