King Asela
BC 215 - BC 205
King Elara
BC 205 - BC 161
King Dutugemunu
BC 161 - BC 137
King Elara

Chola Dynasty | Anuradhapura - (BC 205 - BC 161)

Ellalan, (Tamil: எல்லாளன், மனு நீதி சோழன்), (also known as Ellara in Sinhalese, Manu Needhi Cholan, Élaezha Chola and Ellalan the Just), was a Chola king from the Chola Kingdom, in present day South India, who ruled a part of [1] Sri Lanka from 205 BC to 161 BC including [1] the ancient capital of Anuradhapura. Often referred to as 'the Just King'. The Tamil name Ellalan means, 'the one who rules the Ellai (boundary). Ellalan, a Tamil from the Chola country, is traditionally presented as being a just king even by the Sinhalese. The Mahavamsa states that he ruled 'with even justice toward friend and foe, on occasions of disputes at law,and elaborates how he even ordered the execution of his son on the basis of a heinous religious crime. Elara is a peculiar figure in the history of Sri Lanka and one with particular resonance given the ongoing ethnic strife in the country. Although he was an invader, he is often regarded as one of Sri Lanka's wisest and most just monarchs, as highligted in the ancient Sinhalese chronicle Mahavamsa. According to the chronicle, even Ellalan's nemesis king Dutugemunu had a great respect for him, and ordered a monument be built, where Ellalan was cremated after he was slain in battle.

  • Defeated Asela in battle
  • Killed King Asela by King Elara
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