King Kithsirimegha
555 - 573
King Mahanaga
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King Aggabodhi I
575 - 608
King Mahanaga

House of Vijaya | Ruhuna - (~ - ~)

Mahanaga, was an early monarch of Sri Lanka of the Kingdom of Ruhuna in the Southern region of the island. He is the founder of the Ruhuna. The Kingdom of Ruhuna was in some periods a Sub kingdom loyal to the King of Anuradhapura and in some periods a country independent of it.
The king Mutasiva had ten sons, Devanampiya Tissa, Uttiya, Mahasiva and Mahanaga .After the death of king Mutasiva, the elder son Devanampiya Tissa became the king. According the customs of Anuradhapura kings, Uttiya, Mahasiva and Mahanaga should have become to the throne next. Devanampiya Tissa's son's turn was next. King Devanampiya Tissa's consort didn't like that. She planned to bring her son more early to the throne, by murdering the Prince Mahanaga.
One day when Prince Mahanaga was working with his men in a field, then the Queen sent them a basket of poisoned mango. But unfortunately Devanampiya Tissa's son ate the poison apple and died.
Prince Mahanaga thought, it's not good to be in the city, and left Anuradhapura with his family and men, migrated to Ruhuna.
Yatala Vehera

Yatala Vehera (also spelled Yatala Wehera) is an ancient Buddhist stupa located in Deberawewa - Thissamaharama area in Hambantota District of Sri Lanka. The stupa is built on a stage made of large flat granite stones and has a surrounding wall of sculpted elephant heads, a moat and a large moonstone. It is believed that the stupa was built 2300 years ago by regional king Yatala Thissa of Ruhuna to commemorate the place where he was born. However some believe that the stupa was built by...

Built : King Mahanaga,

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