Upatissa Nuwara - (BC 505 - BC 377)

The Kingdom of Upatissa Nuwara (sometimes referred to as Vijitapura) was the second administrative center in ancient Sri Lanka and Kingdom of Rajarata. It was established with the death of Vijaya by his prime minister Upatissa who became regent while Vijay's heir to the throne and nephew Panduvasdeva came to the kingdom from North India.
Upatissa Nuwara was seven or eight miles further north of the Kingdom of Tambapanni,[4] which was in a district near modern day Mannar, and is believed to be the district of Chilaw. It was named after the regent king Upatissa, who was the prime minister of Vijaya, and was founded in 505 BC after the death of Vijaya and the end of the Kingdom of Tambapanni.
During the end of his reign Vijaya, who was having trouble choosing a successor, sent a letter to the city of his ancesotrs, Sinhapura, in order to invite his brother Sumitta to take over the throne. However Vijaya had died before the letter had reached its destination so the elected minister of the people Upatissa, the Chief government minister or prime minister and leading chief among the Sinhalese became regent and acted as king for a year. After his coronation which was held in the Kingdom of Tambapanni, he left it building another one bearing his own name. While his was king, Upatissa established the new capital Upatissa Nuwara, in which the kingdom was moved to from the Kingdom of Tambapanni. When Vijaya's letter arrived Sumitta had already succeeded his father as king of his country, and so he sent his son Panduvasdeva to rule Upatissa Nuwara.
1 King UpatissaBC 505 - BC 504
2 King PanduvasdevaBC 504 - BC 474
3 King AbhayaBC 474 - BC 454
4 King TissaBC 454 - BC 437
5 King PandukabhayaBC 437 - BC 377
  • House of Vijaya
  • BC 505 - BC 377
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