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Frederick North

British Governors | British - (1798 - 1805)

Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guilford (7 February 1766 – 14 October 1827), styled The Honourable Frederick North until 1817, was a British politician and colonial administrator.
North was a younger son of Prime Minister Frederick North, 2nd Earl of Guilford (usually referred to as Lord North). He represented Banbury in Parliament from 1792 to 1794 and served as first British Governor of Ceylon from 1798 to 1805. North proclaimed in 1801 that all rajakariya (royal service) was abolished and replaced it with a tax of one-fifth of their produce on low land and one-tenth on high land. North built the House of Doric near the Mannar Sea according to his plan and he himself used to supervise pearl fishery which gained a substantial income in those days to the western. North declared himself head of the salagama caste and appointed Robert Arbuthnot head of the karava caste; the Judicial Charter limited the governor’s autocracy by establishing the Supreme Court and High Court of Appeal.
In 1817 he succeeded his elder brother as fifth Earl of Guilford.
In 1824 North established the Ionian Academy on the island of Corfu, which was under British control as part of the United States of the Ionian Islands. It was the first University to be established in modern Greece. The academy has now closed but a statue of the Earl stands on the island. A library and a street are also named after him.
In 1791, he converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church and became an ardent adherent.
Lord Guilford died childless in October 1827, aged 61, and was succeeded in his titles by a cousin.
The House of Vijaya

The House of Vijaya (also known as the Vijayan dynasty and sometimes referred to as the "Great Dynasty") was the first Sinhalese royal dynasty that ruled over the island of Lanka,[N 2] present day Sri Lanka. According to Sinhalese folklore Prince Vijaya is the traditional first king of Sri Lanka, founding the Kingdom of Tambapanni and the dynasty...

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