King Aggabodhi VII
772 - 778
King Mahinda II
778 - 797
King Dappula II
797 - 802
King Mahinda II

House of Lambakarna II | Anuradhapura - (778 - 797)

Mahinda II (aka Silamegha) was King of Anuradhapura in the 9th century, whose reign lasted from 778 to 797. He succeeded Aggabodhi VII as King of Anuradhapura and was succeeded by his son Dappula II.

Thuparamaya Temple

Thuparamaya is an ancient Buddhist temple in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Located in the sacred area of Mahamewna park, the Thuparamaya Stupa is the earliest Dagoba to be constructed in the island, dating back to the reign of King Devanampiya Tissa (247-207 BC). The temple has been formally recognised by the Government as an archaeological site in Sri...

Built : King Devanampiya Tissa,
Some Construction : King Lanja Tissa,
Some Construction : King Vasabha,
Some Construction : King Gotabhaya,
Some Construction : King Dhathusena,
Some Construction : King Aggabodhi II,
Some Construction : King Datopathissa,
Some Construction : King Datopathissa II,
Some Construction : King Kassapa II,
Some Construction : King Manavamma,
Some Construction : King Aggabodhi VI,
Some Construction : King Mahinda II,
Some Construction : King Dappula II,
Some Construction : King Sena I,

Rathna Prasadaya

Rathna Prasadaya was a skyscraper built by King Kanittha Tissa who ruled Ceylon from 167 to 186 AD. Mihindu II and Mihindu IV renovated the building during the 8th and 10th centuries. The bhikkhus of the Tapovana belonging to the Pansakulika sect resided here. Beautiful guard stones of the Abhayagiri Viharaya were found here. The most beautiful and perfect guardstone of the Anuradhapura era which stands today can be seen...

Built : King Kanitta Tissa,
Reconstruction : King Mahinda II,
Reconstruction : King Mahinda IV,

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