King Vikramabahu II
1196 - 1196
AssasinatedKing Chodaganga
1196 - 1197
ChuckedQueen Leelawathie
1197 - 1200
King Chodaganga
House of Kalinga | Polonnaruwa - (1196 - 1197)

Chodaganga was King of Polonnaruwa in the twelfth century, who ruled from 1196 to 1197. He succeeded his uncle Vikramabahu II, whom he usurped as king of Polonnaruwa and ruled for nine months before he was deposed and deprived of his eyes by the General Senevirat who installed Lilavati, wife of Parakramabahu I. Chodaganga was also a nephew of Nissanka Malla.

UncleKing Vikramabahu II1196 - 1196
UncleKing Nissanka Malla1187 - 1196