King Thulatthana
BC 119 - BC 119
AssasinatedKing Lanja Tissa
BC 119 - BC 109
AgeingKing Khallata Naga
BC 109 - BC 104
King Lanja Tissa
House of Vijaya | Anuradhapura - (BC 119 - BC 109)
Lanja Tissa, also known as Lamani Tiss, was an early monarch of Sri Lanka of the Anuradhapura Kingdom from 119 BC to 109 BC.
Lanja Tissa was the eldest son of king Saddha Tissa who ruled in Anuradhapura. According to the customs of the Sinhalese King's at Anuradhapura, Lanja Tissa was the King of the kingdom of Ruhuna, while his father was ruling the Anuradhapura.
When Saddha Tissa died, his younger son Thulatthana became the king of Anuradhapura, with the support of the Bhikkus of Maha Vihara, When Lanja Tissa heard this news, he marched from Ruhuna, with his men to Anuradhapura and removed Thulatthana from the throne, and became the king.
This incident initially upset Lanja Tissa with the Bhikkus in his early period of rule, But later on he started to work for the betterment of Buddhism in the country.
FatherKing Saddha TissaBC 161 - BC 137
Younger BrotherKing ThulatthanaBC 119 - BC 119
Younger BrotherKing Khallata NagaBC 109 - BC 104
Younger BrotherKing WalagambaBC 104 - BC 103
Special Incidents1
Built 3 stone flower table for Ruwenweli Seya
Built stone relic chamber in Thuparama Viharaya
Built stone Dagoba in Thuparama Viharaya
Built Ritigala Viharaya
Built Aritta Viharaya
Reformation Mihinthale Kantaka Stupa
Kill his own younger brother Thullaththana