King Bhuvanekabahu II
1293 - 1302
AgeingKing Parakkramabahu IV
1302 - 1326
AgeingKing Buvanekabahu III
1335 - 1341
King Parakkramabahu IV
House of Siri Sanga Bo | Kurunegala - (1302 - 1326)

Parakkamabahu IV was King of Dambadeniya in the 14th century, who was also a scholar known as Pandit Parakramabahu. He built a temple for the Tooth relic at kurunegala and was responsible for writing Dhaladha Siritha, a book that laid down procedures for uninterrupted conduct of paying homage to the sacred relic. He renamed Mahanuwara as Senkadagala. He extended patronage to Vijayaba privena, Asgiriya temple, and Sri Ghanananda Pirivena. He succeeded his father Bhuvanaikabahu II as King of Dambadeniya and was succeeded by Bhuvanaikabahu III.

Grand FatherKing Buvanaikabahu I1270 - 1283
FatherKing Bhuvanekabahu II1293 - 1302
SonKing Buvanekabahu III1335 - 1341