King Dutugemunu
BC 161 - BC 137
AgeingKing Saddha Tissa
BC 137 - BC 119 | BC 161 - BC 137 |
AgeingKing Thulatthana
BC 119 - BC 119
King Saddha Tissa
House of Vijaya | Ruhuna - (BC 161 - BC 137)
Saddha Tissa was a monarch of the Kingdom of Anuradhapura, based at the ancient capital of Anuradhapura from 137 BC to 119 BC. Saddha Tissa was the son of Kavan Tissa of Ruhuna and the brother of Dutthagamani. He was the ruler of Digamadulla, the present day eastern province of the country.
Since Prince Saliya, married a Chandala girl, King Dutugamunu’s younger brother, Saddhatissa was consecrated as King. King Saddhatissa continued the remaining work in Mahathupa.
Major Fire in Lowa Maha Paaya: During his time, there was a fire in the Lowa Maha Paaya. King reconstructed the Lowa Maha Paaya with seven stories. (Initially there were nine stories).
King Saddhatissa built Dighavapi vihara and Duratissa reservoir.
Duratissa Reservoir: Duratissa reservoir has an embankment of 3,400 ft long and 14 feet high. Top of the bank is 15 feet wide. The reservoir has a capacity of 336 million Cu. ft and a surface area of 1,230 acres. After King Saddhatissa’s death, Mahasangha supported the second son of the King, “Thulathana”.
Grand FatherKing Kelani Thissa~ - ~
FatherKing Kavan TissaBC 205 - BC 161
MotherQueen Viharamaha Devi -
Elder BrotherKing DutugemunuBC 161 - BC 137
SonKing ThulatthanaBC 119 - BC 119
SonKing Lanja TissaBC 119 - BC 109
SonKing Khallata NagaBC 109 - BC 104
SonKing WalagambaBC 104 - BC 103
Built Padaviya Tank
Built Katunnaru Tank
Built Malama Tank
Built Diga Tank
Built Durathis Tank
Built Mulgirigala Viharaya
Reformation Rowamahapaya
Completed Ruwanweli Dagaba
Built Elephant Wall in Ruwanweli Seya
Built Kallaka Cave Temple
Built Kulumbala Viharaya
Built Pethanga Weli Viharaya
Built Velangawetiya Viharaya
Built Dumbul Wethis Viharaya
Built Mathu Viharaya