Queen Leelawathie
1197 - 1200
ChuckedKing Sahassa Malla
1200 - 1202
AssasinatedQueen Kalyanawathie
1202 - 1210
King Sahassa Malla
House of Kalinga | Polonnaruwa - (1200 - 1202)

Sahassa Malla (also known as "The lion hearted king") was King of Polonnaruwa in the thirteenth century, who ruled from 1200 to 1202. He succeeded Lilavati as king of Polonnaruwa, who was removed from the throne by her co-Ministers. He was deposed by General Ayasmantha and succeeded by Kalyanavati. He was the younger brother of Nissanka Malla.

Step BrotherKing Nissanka Malla1187 - 1196