King Vimaladharmasuriya II
1687 - 1707
AgeingKing Sri Vira Parakrama Narendra Singha
1707 - 1739
AgeingKing Sri Vijaya Rajasinha
1739 - 1747
King Sri Vira Parakrama Narendra Singha
House of Dinaraja | Kandy - (1707 - 1739)
Vira Parakrama Narendra Sinha (1707–1739 AD) was the last Sinhalese King of Sri Lanka of the Kingdom of Kandy. The son of Vimaladharmasurya II, he came to the throne when he was seventeen years old and reigned for 32 years.
Vira Parakrama Narendra Sinha was believed to be a considerably pious monarch, and like his predecessor, he lived at peace with the Dutch invaders and devoted himself to the furtherance of literature and religion. His wife was a Madurai Nayak Dynasty princess from southern India. Since he had no children of his own he was succeeded by his wife's brother, Sri Vijaya Rajasinha, who was of Nayakkar nationality which originated from south India. After that the throne of the Sinhalese kings passed to the Nayakkars till the monarchy ended.
Brother in LawKing Sri Vijaya Rajasinha1739 - 1747
Grand FatherKing Rajasinha II1635 - 1687
FatherKing Vimaladharmasuriya II1687 - 1707