King Nissanka Malla
1187 - 1196
AgeingKing Vira Bahu I
1196 - 1196
AssasinatedKing Vikramabahu II
1196 - 1196
King Vira Bahu I
House of Kalinga | Polonnaruwa - (1196 - 1196)

Vira Bahu I (1196) was son of Nissanka Malla and king of the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa, in present day Sri Lanka. He came to the throne after his father's death, however only managed to reign for less than a day, being crowned at night and slain at dawn by the commander-in-chief of the army, Tavuru Senevirat on the grounds that he was a son not equal to his father.

FatherKing Nissanka Malla1187 - 1196
MotherQueen Kalyanawathie1202 - 1210
Fathers Younger BrotherKing Vikramabahu II1196 - 1196