King Vijaya
BC 543 - BC 505
King Upatissa
BC 505 - BC 504
King Panduvasdeva
BC 504 - BC 474
King Upatissa

House of Vijaya | Upatissa Nuwara - (BC 505 - BC 504)

Upatissa was purohita to and a Chief government minister under King Vijaya of Sri Lanka. He built a city Upatissa Nuwara named after himself, which became the second Sinhalese kingdom in Sri Lanka.
He became the King of Upatissa Nuwara for a short period of time after the death of Prince Vijaya until the arrival of the heir to the throne, King Panduvasdeva from North India.
Upatissa is a Saaligrama Brahamin (belonging to Salaagama Cast) according to the puiblication “King Vijaya and his Successors” which is based on A short history of Lanka by Humphry William Codrington.
  • Built Upatissa Kingdom
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