King Abhaya
BC 474 - BC 454
King Pandukabhaya
BC 377 - BC 367 | BC 437 - BC 377 |
King Mutasiva
BC 367 - BC 307
King Pandukabhaya

House of Vijaya | Upatissa Nuwara - (BC 437 - BC 377)

Pandukabhaya (437 BC – 367 BC) was King of Upatissa Nuwara and the first monarch of the Anuradhapura Kingdom and 6th over all of the island of Sri Lanka since the arrival of the Vijaya, he reigned from 437 BC to 367 BC. According to many historians and philosophers, he is the first truly Sri Lankan king since the Vijayan invasion, and also the king who ended the conflict between the Sinha clan and local community, reorganizing the population. His story is one wrapped in myth and legend.

There are three prevailing opinions on his origin.
Another not very popular theory, claims he is from the Pandya Kingdom. Vijaya married in Pandya royal family and therefore Pandukabhaya or Pandu Kabhaya was a relative of Vijaya from Pandya Kingdom.
The second ruler of Sri Lanka was King Panduvasudeva, the nephew of Vijaya. Panduvasudeva married Baddha-Kacchayana, an extremely beautiful princess from India. The couple had ten sons, the eldest of whom was named Abhaya, and one daughter named Chitra.
When a sage prophesied that Chitra would bear a son who would kill nine of his uncles and claim the throne, nine of Chitra’s brothers told King Panduvasudeva to have her killed. However, Abhaya would not allow it and Chitra was spared. She married a prince named Digha-Gamini (who, incidentally, was her cousin) and had a son, who was named Pandukabhaya.
  • Built Anuradhapura Kingdom
  • Systematic Cemetery
  • නගර පාලකයකු පත්කිරීම. (නගර ගුත්තික)
  • Built Abhaya Tank ( Basawakkulama)
  • ග්‍රාම සීමා නියම කිරීම
  • කසල සෝදකයන් පත් කිරීම
  • සෞඛ්‍ය පිලිබඳ විධිමත් සැලැස්මක් ඇති කිරී
  • ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ප්‍රථම මෞර්ය රාජවංශය ආරම්භ ක
  • Killed 8 his uncles
  • සුසාන භුමි ඇති කිරීම
  • ගම්සභා ක්‍රමය ඇතිකිරීම
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