King Vimaladharmasuriya I
1592 - 1604
AgeingKing Senarat
1604 - 1635
AgeingKing Rajasinha II
1635 - 1687
King Senarat
House of Dinaraja | Kandy - (1604 - 1635)
Senarat Adahasin was king of the Kingdom of Kandy from 1604 to 1635. He was the brother of king Vimaladharmasuriya I of Kandy. When he died his two sons Kumarasinghe & Wijayapala were minors so the throne passed to his brothe Senarat who was a monk. Senerath married his brothers widow Dona Catherina and had one son by her who would be Rajasinghe II.
When time came for him to divide his kingdom between his two stepsons & his own son, he tricked the other two & made Râjasimha II(his own son) inherit the main part of his kingdom including Kandy. His two stepsons died shortly after (Some say Senerath is responsible for this elimination of potential heirs to the throne and Rajasimha II became the sole heir to his kingdom.
FatherVeerasundara Bandara -
WifePrincess Dona Kathirina -
Elder BrotherKing Vimaladharmasuriya I1592 - 1604
SonKing Rajasinha II1635 - 1687
Grand SonKing Vimaladharmasuriya II1687 - 1707